Parawai Tramping Club

What's New

Vaccine policy for DOC visitor facilities

From 15 December 2021, eligible people aged 12 years three months and over must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to use DOC accommodation.

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Parawai response to Covid

The club has developed its response to Covid which applies to members, guests and potential new members.

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Photo Album Search Facility

The search facility for photo albums has been improved.
Now a list appears on the same page and is automatically changed each time a user selects different key words from the dropdown list.
Another improvement is that the year is also shown for each album.

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Smart Phone Access

For those of you that access the site using your smart phone, any phone number displayed in the Member Contact List and Trip Schedule, can now be selected to automatically call that number.

Hut Photos

Thanks to Owen for suppling many new hut photos. Also having trolled through the last seven months of the club online photo albums, there are another 124 huts to view on the Hut Photo page, making a grand total of 500.

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