Parawai Tramping Club

Trip Grades

We run trips in the following categories:

E - Easy Easy, non demanding Most ages and fitness levels 2 - 4 hours
EM - Easy/Medium Mostly easy, some demanding Most ages and fitness levels 3 - 6 hours
M - Medium Varied, moderately demanding Moderate Fitness Levels 5 - 7 hours
MF - Medium/Fit Varied, more demanding Fitness and stamina required 6 - 8 hours
F - Fit Varied & challenging Fitness and stamina required 7 - 10+ hours


  • We are a tramping club, not a walking club.
  • Walking hours per day do not include breaks (rests, lunch etc.), so these need be added to get the total trip duration per day.
  • Any of our trips may include steep slopes, uneven terrain, muddy tracks, tree roots, unbridged stream or river crossings and other obstacles.
  • Most of our trips are on tracks, but there may also be travel over untracked terrain, especially for Medium/Fit and Fit trips.
    This may include travel in rivers, through thick scrub, across scree or snow slopes and steep climbing and descents.
  • Some trips may require particular skills e.g. river crossing skills or the use of an ice axe and/or crampons.
  • Although trips are graded, any trip may become more difficult on the day due to conditions such as deteriorating weather, rising rivers, landslips, or fallen trees.
  • New members to the club are generally encouraged to come on a few day walks (club or private) before an overnight trip.
    Similarly, new members are encouraged to do some Easy and Easy/Medium overnight trips before advancing onto more demanding trips.
  • The trip leader and/or the Chief Guide may exclude a person from a trip if it is considered they are inadequately equipped or are not considered to have the necessary fitness or ability to complete the trip.
    The trip leader or Chief Guide's decision to exclude a person will be final.