Oturere Hut and Emerald Lakes 4-6 September

A multi day hike taking in Oturere Hut and Emerald and Blue Lakes
Friday, 04 September 2020

Leaving the cars as the sun sets Friday night

Ngauruhoe in the moonlight from Waihohonu Hut

Bad Jelly and Marcia

Great Uncle Owen and Jeff eating breaky


Excitement is in the air

Ngauruhoe got me in a spin

The landscape was so colourful

Into the forest for a brief time

Ice that has formed in the night pushing the soil up

The Wanaka Tree's Tongariro cousin

Ruapehu in some swirly stuff


Oturere Hut - we dropped off some gear and then headed out again

We eventually found some white stuff (* snow not cocaine)

Starting to climb

Nothing quite like a pole dance in the snow

Time for crampons

At the intersection with the Tongariro Crossing

Frozen Emerald Lake

The other frozen Emerald Lake

Blue Lake bound

Blue Lake

Back down

View back at the mountain

Waterfall by Oturere Hut

Heading back out Sunday


Best place for this wee fella