Parawai Tramping Club

Photo Competition

The club holds an annual photo competition.

The categories are:

  • People (People doing tramping things !)
  • Nature
  • Landscape

In addition to a prize in each category there is a Supreme Winner (determined by the judge) and a Most Popular Photo (voted by the members present).


  • You can enter a maximum of 3 photos in each category.
  • Photos must be submitted in printed form (matte or glossy) and be 6in x 8in (15cm x 21cm). The exception is for a panoramic photo, which must not exceed 10in (25cm). There can be a little tolerance in size to allow for cropping but anything considered too large or too small will not be accepted.
  • Photos must be taken after 1/1/2017 and have not been entered in any other photo competition.
  • The only adjustments allowed on a computer are cropping, sharpening, stitching of panoramas and tonal or exposure adjustments. No other digital adjustments are allowed.
  • Photos must be taken within NZ, unless they have been taken on a club trip overseas.

The 2019 competition has been held.

The 2020 competition is likely be held in August.